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 The customer availing of the Christmas in a Box/Rental service hereby understands and accepts the following terms and conditions:

  1. The rental period begins on the date of the delivery and concludes on the agreed-upon date. The customer must ensure someone is present at the delivery and pickup location during the agreed-upon time frame.
  1. The rented Christmas décor and/or tree from Designer Blooms will be delivered in pristine condition. The customer is responsible for maintaining the item/s condition during the rental period. Any damage or alteration to the tree will result in additional charges.
  1. In the event of damage, the customer agrees to pay 40% of the remaining full price of the Christmas tree.
  1. The use of lights and decorations is permitted but must not cause harm to the tree. However, the customer has been advised that Designer Blooms employees are not capable nor competent nor skilled to install any and all types of lighting fixtures on any of the products that the customer has purchased from Designer Blooms. In the event that the customer insists on making Designer Blooms employees perform such task, the customer hereby unconditionally and completely render Designer Blooms and its employees harmless and without liability whatsoever.
  1. The Designer Blooms Christmas in a Box service comes with free home service rates that the customer may or may not avail of. Below is the breakdown of the service cost. In the event of exceeding, customer will pay the additional P2,500 per person, per hour 


20,000 – 25,000

25,001 – 45,000

45,001 – 65,000

65,001 – above

No. of employees





No. of hours

1.5 hrs

3 hrs

3 hrs

5 hrs


  1. In the event that the tree and decorations have been installed and the customer decides to cancel the service, the customer will be given a refund which is 80% of the cost given the cancellation is within 48 hours of date of delivery. However, the labor cost will not be refunded.
  1. Requests for rental period extensions must be made at least 48 hours before the scheduled return date and subject to Designer Blooms’ confirmation.
  1. All services rendered through and/or by Designer Blooms employees will be booked, scheduled and paid through Designer Blooms and will be issued an official Designer Blooms sales invoice.
    1. That it is unlawful to ask any Designer Blooms employee or associate to engage in any undeclared business or work.
    2. That it is against strict company policy for Designer Blooms employees to offer undeclared and unauthorized goods and services similar to the nature of business of Designer Blooms.
  1. The Christmas in a Box/Rental Service must be paid in FULL before the service either in cash, credit card or check (with an allowance for a 3-day clearance).
  1. Any Designer Blooms employee is not allowed to bring out any goods from our stores or head office without prior FULL PAYMENT.



The customer hereby confirms that the Designer Blooms staff have fully warned against and have explained the grave dangers and risks of installing lights on Christmas trees and similar combustible décor items, such as electrocution and fire, among others. Hence, Designer Blooms has refused to sell any Christmas lights. Therefore, the customer completely, unconditionally, and perpetually release Designer Blooms Company, its employees and its officers, and render it free and harmless from any responsibility or liability which may arise in this regard, heretofore.